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Nov 2017 - Feb 2018

Our Services

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Mobile App Wireframing
Twoosy designed by Design Major
Twoosy designed by Design Major

The Goal

Twoosy was brought to us to design and wireframe an interface based around using social networking to help make lifes little dichotomies. Creating a user friednly app that anyone could use to reach out for help, communication and interaction. As well as featuring all of the necessery app features such as; chat, messaging, adding/inviting friends - the interface features a unique posting system that's easy to use and fun to react to. We needed to create the app in a way that appealed to a broad target audience and invoked excitment to use.
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Futuristic Design

User Friendly Interface

Socially Intuitive

Building the concept

Starting with the brand, we developed the way the app would be seen through the user's eyes, using sophisticated, yet vivid colours and a logo that would be easy to remember as a trusted brand. The process following fell into place as we started to expand the brand over the design of the app wireframes and the graphics created.

After extensive research into app design making sure what we were creating went above and beyond the expectation of app design -we started to fill in the gaps and create interactive pages to best display the way the app worked. Taking the client through the process as we went, they had the opportunity to approve and make minor adjustments to the design.

We took experience and advice from users who open apps such as these on a daily basis - improving the design with audience input.

The Result

Pleased with the end result - the client oversaw the final stages before approving the overall look and feel. The experience was both inspiring and challenging for both our team and the client but the process was above flawless as we worked together to perfect the client's product design to the absolute highest quality and integrity. 

Twoosy designed by Design Major
Twoosy designed by Design Major